​As a full service irrigation company, ITC can provide products & services for many types of pump system demands, such as replacement parts, energy-saving components, rebuilding existing infrastructure, upgrading system performance, or complete system redesign.

Residential pump systems can be perplexing, especially if you are a new homeowner, & many homeowners do not think about their system until it suddenly stops working. Some failures can go unoticed, and hide the exposure of a deteriorating pump or motor. ITC can help troubleshoot your issue or advise you how to manage seasonal usage.

Whether you need fabrication or application assistance, our engineering & design services are available. Our experience helps steer both simple and multi-contractor projects in the right direction, by providing insight on each division's role within the pump industry.


Seasonal Tips & Reminders




Remove Dirt, Plants, & Debris That May Trap Moisture...

When exposed to moisture, metal oxidizes (RUST), and debris can escalate this process. Keep your system looking and operating smoothly by maintaining the conditions around your infrastructure. Sometimes older or damaged control panels can accumulate debris inside of them during harsher weather conditions. DO NOT attempt to clean inside of a control panel, allow your service provider to clear debris from exposed electrical wires or controls. 

Spring Start-Up & Maintenance...

Preventative maintenance is the best way to save money & down-time during warmer months. Most centrifugal pumps require some attention, especially if your water source produces debris issues. Often, servicing centrifugal pumps only require the replacement of a few internal parts, which can save you hundreds compared to replacing an entire pump or motor. Minor maintenance saves you efficiency.

Irrigation Technology & Control

Stricter guidelines and tighter schedules do not deter us from providing services with substantial outcomes, while staying within the scope of work. We agree, investments in the hydrology industry are also investements in our future as a whole; which is why we uphold the same standards regardless of public or private venture.